Just a mini-blog of my life.

I’m home.. I’m working
I have several half done projects… I’ll finish them up as soon as I can. With autumn around the corner, I can’t wait to make some new Winter-wear

Out of State
I’m currently out of state (on the other side of the USA) for the next 3 to 4 months to help a family member. I should still be able to update but if I disappear that’s why. On the bright side, I’m close to my other children! Can’t wait to spend time with them. *happy mama*

Sometimes I Just Play the Game!
Took a bit of a break to play the game. Of course, then I realize there were things I needed to make. I love the Decades Challenge, so it’s usually something for it. I’ve also been busy playing Bingo & going to church.

No Fun!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I did. However, I’ve spent the last 10 days trying to secure my websites from nasty hackers. Hopefully, I’ve gotten things tidied up and can continue doing things I like!

20 Years Married
My husband and I just celebrated our twentieth anniversary this weekend. We spent a weekend away in Cinncinati. We enjoyed good food, a room escape adventure, trip to the casino, the improv & more. Looking forward to another 20!

I’m Back!
Wow! I didn’t think I was going to be so busy but I am BACK! Having some great fun with my Sims again. There is a quiz for you to enjoy already & several new outfits will be up shortly.

Haven’t Left!
The last two months have been very busy for me in the “real world.” I have had visitors & trips & crafts & baking… Can’t wait to get back to Simming!

Off and On
Quite a bit going on for Thanksgiving. Long story short, I won’t be doing a lot of Simming Happy Holidays y’all!

Bit of change
My previous site layout wasn’t working for my needs, so I’ve made a change. Hope it works ok for everyone. Cheers!

Suppose to’s
I’m suppose to be working overtime on 3 different Christmas gifts but I keep Simming. I might have to hide my computer from myself.

On Thursday I had to pick up my youngest daughter from the hospital, who is in college an hour away. She had an allergic reaction to medicine.

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